Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thoughts in South Africa

One of the biggest elephants we encountered in South Africa. He's just amazingly beautiful!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Life oh Life"

One of the old songs by Des'ree "Life", indeed life! Now what about life? In my school where I studied the French language, I have various classmates coming from the different countries who also wanted to learn the latter language, alien invaders setting through this country Switzerland hahaha... Oh well not at all, since some of them were here just to experience the life that this country has.

Some of them were complaining about the foods, the behaviors of the people, weather and the environment itself. Some of them were complaining as well the way the teacher delivers the lesson. And swearing not to continue the course since the language has no logic or no sense instead of taking it as a challenge.

Every one of us aims to do something in our life, a vision that we wanted to achieve, sometimes, a dream that we wanted to be true. These dreams sometimes are our challenge to go on with our lives. And sometimes unexpected events occur into our lives, some were good some were not. Again it's part of our lives. Life is like that, it's like a wheel, exactly the "wheel of life".

I've heard a lot of people complaining in almost everything. How it happens? Why? bla bla bla... Never contented of what they have. Always asking for more; And I think it's always a part of a human behavior, this attitude is inseparable. I could say it, because me, myself sometimes I'm not contented of some things. But somehow, there are people who want to have a perfect life when there's none. That could not be possible!

Some says life is unfair, because they're hurt, they don't find a job no matter how much effort they had shown. I mean hey come on, don’t be so down. It doesn't mean that those people who presently have a good job, lots of friends and etc. didn't experience life's cruelty, because the truth is, they did. People who don’t have painful experience in life I guess were alien hahaha... But yes, it's true! Every one of us here experience that.

As long as we're still alive, go on with your life. Take every challenge that you might cross. Look around; try to figure out the people around you, because each of this people has something in their thoughts and heart. And you'll never know, they might have a worst problem than you have.

Anyways, I'd like to share this video of Des'ree's "Life". I hope you will like it especially the message that the lyrics has.

Monday, November 21, 2011

How's your French language?

Okay, it has been awhile that I haven't filled this blog of mine, century I think LOL! I might be busy or just being lazy? Hahaha... Anyways, I just realized that I missed blogging.

Now, I'm in this country "Switzerland" which is a little strange for me. Perhaps because the people don't speak the language that most of the people learned "English", but for sure these people speaks this language which almost everyone calls it the language of love "French".

Yes French! And I just love it! Learning the language isn't easy, not at all I can tell. But somehow it is a language that is quite challenging. It's a language that needs so much effort and of course patience motivation. Patience and motivation because you will surely be lost if you don't have this characteristics with you.

And I'm happy, since after almost two months of staying here, I have the opportunity to learn the language, to understand it a little and to speak a little french to the french speaking people around. I feel blessed! But I still need my online dictionary hahaha...

And aside from that, this country is just amazing! The landscapes, flowers, trees and the environment itself is just incredible. Before, I was just seeing these things on tv, pictures news or in the cinema, now I couldn't believe that I've seen it in real, it's just fascinating!

On the other hand, if you really wanted to immerse on this country's way of life and it's culture, learn the language. Through this, you will eventually adopt whatever they have.

Oh by the way, I almost forgot! Although Switzerland is a small landlocked country, you have to take note that the whole area doesn't speaks the same language, because some part of the country speaks German, Italian, French and Rumantsch. These are actually the four official languages that the country has.

So depends on which area you wanted to be with, you can opt to learn one of these four languages.

Okay, so a bientot!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Like a second parent

It's always been great to have a second parent of your life. Sometimes we need them, because sometimes we could not resist of having some arguments with our real parents. Having a second parent could somehow a great idea, because they could also be a good adviser when it comes to your love, friends and life.

During my difficulties, I had a second parent who shows me much. They were the ones who supported me in my decisions and they were the ones who guide me as well in everything I do. I can say that God has always been good to me, because despite what I had been in my life, he still gives me good people who could somehow make me stronger and happy.

I'm glad since then until now God is always there for me...

Friday, November 26, 2010